March 3rd, 2017 |

The ALD database is a community driven project. Its strength lies in the sharing of information and the collaboration with many ALD experts with different fields of expertise.

We are very thankful to the following persons:

Ted van Geest (GoedGedaan) (for sponsoring the hosting of the website (since 2012) and his continuous help with the website and all the other stuff that keeps a website functional)
John Hirschbeck Memorial Fund (for funding the initiation of the website)
Marcel Mattijssen (for funding the hosting of the website (1999 – 2003))
Netherlands ALD Patient Organization (for funding several years of the hosting cost (2003 – 2012))

Scientific contributions
Johanna Assies, M.D., Ph.D.
Johannes Berger, Ph.D.
Marc Engelen, M.D.
Ann Moser, B.A.
Hugo Moser, M.D.
Charles Peters, M.D.
Gerald Raymond, M.D.
Rachel Salzman, D.V.M. Rachel Salzman, DVM (CSO, The Stop ALD Foundation)
Steven J Steinberg, Ph.D.
Björn van Geel, M.D., Ph.D.
Paul Watkins, M.D., Ph.D.
for their scientific contributions.

Translations to French, German and Spanish
Cyntia Amorosi, Ph.D.
Alfried Kohlschütter M.D.
Elise Saunier Vivar, Ph.D. (European Leukodystrophy Foundation, ELA)
Carmen Sever (ELA España)

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